Geological & Geophysical Consulting

Utilizing IHS, SMT Kingdom Software (3-D Pak, EarthPak & Synpak), Bryan provides a 3-D seismic interpretation that fully integrates all subsurface logs and other data. When available, additional disciplines such as reservoir engineering may be included to further enhance a given appraisal.

Unitization Services / LAWSUITS

As an expert witness in the arena of Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Office of Conservation hearing matters, Bryan performs the following tasks:
   - the formation of pre- & post drill geographic and geologic based units
   - unit termination and dissolution
   - unit plan strategy and development

   - unit counter-plan development

Court of Law, (Recognized Expert Witness)
Homer D. Wood, et al vs. Axis Corporation, et al, June, 2003
38th Judicial District Court, Cameron Parish, Louisiana
Performed and testified as to paying quantities calculations and good faith operations. Received favorable ruling based on testimony.

Oil & Gas Exploration

Bryan is highly proficient at multi-discipline integration. From prospect generation/evaluation to unitization strategy and subsequent unit plan development/implementation, Bryan can then direct the leasing activity, market a given project and finally, monitor the operation during the drilling and production phases.